Know how to do Certificate attestation for Dubai!

Certificate attestation is done to prove the genuineness of the certificates from its concerned departments for the purpose of employment visa in UAE or any other country.

Dubai is a global city and business hub of the middle east. Dubai has attracted the world population with its huge buildings,Guest Posting sporting events and entertainment. Dubai is considered as the most expensive city in the Middle East and in the world. People from all over the world come to Dubai and more than 80% of the population in Dubai is immigrants as well as tourists from different parts of the world. Getting your certificates attested is a necessary process to be recognized in Dubai. Thus certificate attestation is an important procedure every newcomer should do before coming to Dubai. To get your Dubai visa approved certificate attestation is mandatory. Without proper attestation there are chances that your visa gets rejected.

Certificate attestation is compulsory procedure for each settler who wish to settle in Dubai. Certificate attestation helps individuals to achieve their aims and objectives.


What is the use of certificate attestation for Dubai?

It is used for getting work permit in Dubai
Family visa for taking your family along with you to Dubai
For higher education and admission of your children in schools in Dubai.
For doing business in Dubai


The basic documents you need for certificate attestation for Dubai is your original certificate and the passport copy. The documents may increase depending on the country you wish to migrate.

The procedure for certificate attestation Dubai depends on the type of the certificate whether it is educational, non educational and commercial. There are slight differences in the procedures for getting these documents attested.

For educational documents: The SDM or Human Resource Development is responsible for the first step of attestation after this stage the Ministry of External Affairs and the UAE embassy attestation is done.
For non educational documents it is notary attestation, then the home department attestation followed by the ministry of external affairs and UAE embassy attestation. Ministry of foreign affairs attestation is also done in some cases.
For commercial certificates the chamber of Millennium Millionaire commerce, ministry of external affairs and embassy attestation is required.

The UAE embassy is responsible for authenticating your certificates to be used in Dubai.


Why do we attest certificates for Dubai?

Certificate attestation is done to prove that your documents are real and genuine. It is to show that your documents are authentic before the Dubai government.


The attested certificates have a seal and signature of the authority and it means that the certificate is verified by the respective authority. If you have the attested document, only then you will be able to get a Dubai visa permit. Thus certificate attestation for Dubai is an important step when you’re moving to Dubai. Certificate attestation in Dubai is done to prove the originality and genuinity of your certificates. Properly authenticated credentials are one of the primary requirements for making any international dealing. When relocating to a foreign country your credentials should be genuine thus certificate attestation in Dubai is a very important thing.