Various Kinds of Video Games

It is obvious that you have a child within us irrespective of our age. That is why we have this childish wish of becoming an astronaut, a race track driver, a professional basketball player, a daring soldier or even an indestructible robot. Actually there are low chances that this will come true however in the world of video games we can be everything we want based on which kind of game console we own whether it is an Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and even your own Personal computer.

Basically there are various types of video games and some perform more than one type thus generating an overlap of capabilities simultaneously. To better know precisely, this article will review some of the most widely used games by fanatics.

* Action type video games are generally played by grown up game enthusiasts since it entails violence thus most of it are not recommended to be played by young people. Generally this sort of video games will demand timing as well as reflex skills because of its fast moving pursuits. However, there are a few action games which are more gentle in concept though the idea of combat still remains.

* First Person Shooter or better known as FPS delivers the gamer a feeling of “being there”. As its name implies the gamer is the shooter and have to make your way on a particular surroundings where he has to blow away almost all obstructions to win the game. This is considered as sub genre of action type video games because it likewise involves fast pace and quick thinking experience.

* Adventure games are some of the very first kinds of video games and became popular in the 1970s. This is best suited for younger gamers since it doesn’t have violence but instead more of puzzle- solving challenges to advance to another level. Because the game doesn’t possess a story it acquired a decrease in popularity in the late 1990s. Then again in 1999 a PC video game was released known as “The Longest Journey” which became popular since it includes a more effective storyline and also interaction among the various characters on the game.

* The Action-Adventure games are the mixture of the two types of video games. For this reason it consists of problem-solving, battle and also collecting the necessary tools in order to win the level and eventually move forward to the next.

* Role playing games (RPG) use an established storyline and are generally considered one of the most addictive. The explanation for this is that the game player may take on one of the characters of the game and can as well initiate chat along with other gamers. Even though they aren’t as fast moving since the Action type games, it does however, involves violence since the game player has www to defeat his adversary to progress to the next level.

With so many different types of video games that can be found in the market at present, it is apparent that the advancement of technology has contributed considerably to its improvement. At present video graphics are more sophisticated and also the particular storylines are certainly more fascinating to meet the enthusiasm of every avid gamer.